Saturday, May 2, 2009

Prom Night

Philip with Amanda, his lovely date.

We took LOTS of pictures at the home of friend who lives nearby - their daughter and her date are also going. Here's a little closer shot of my handsome son!

Philip with Smitty and Charles, one of his best friends. Note the boys nervously holding those corsages, "What do we do with these things?"

The whole group that met for picture-taking. I've been teaching these great kids for 3 years and really love them. I hope they have a fabulous time tonight! And I hope Philip doesn't step on Amanda's toes!


  1. Yes your son is handsome.......... and his date is beautiful!! :)
    Sounds like they will have a blast! Where did they go to dinner and details! Cousin Tammy needs details!
    I loved going to dances!

  2. Aren't they all lovely! The group shot reminds me of a tradition here, where all the kids going to prom "walk" the common ... the limos all make a stop on the way to prom and all the couples get out and have pictures taken on the old gazebo. Parents stand outside the split rail fence and snap away, it's so cool to see them all dressed up, trying so hard to be grown up and hide the little boys and girls they still are inside. Hope your son had a wonderful time!!


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