Friday, July 3, 2009

Clint and Lana

Here are photos of Sandy's parents, Clint and Lana (NO, that's NOT Clint Eastwood and Lana Turner!!) Their owner, Pam Harmon, gave me permission to lift these photos from her website, Nandina Shelties. You should check out her gorgeous puppy dogs! She does a fantastic job.
Here is the daddy, Clint. Isn't he gorgeous? He has done some competing, and you see him in the second photo being presented by Pam.

Here is Lana, Sandy's mama. This is the only shot I could find of her. She is a sweet, gentle-spirited lady with a dark face and deep, soulful eyes. Both parents seemed to enjoy watching us hold their puppies.

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  1. "Clint" is so perfect he looks like a stuffed dog!


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