Saturday, July 4, 2009


Last night, we decided to do a little early celebrating of Independence Day, with sparklers, poppers and the nasty-looking "worms," out on the patio. Peter is mesmerized by his sparklers.

We used our torches to light them.

Tonight, July 4, we drove over to the local mall for their annual fireworks show. Guess what? We got there, drove around, and the whole mall parking lot was VACANT. Not a soul. Come to find out, they did the fireworks LAST night, on July 3. Completely bizarre - why NOT do it on July 4, the REAL holiday, especially when it falls on a Saturday night? Beats me. We drove home, disappointed and deflated. We lit a few more sparklers, and went to bed. Oh well!

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  1. The pics with the sparklers in them are really cool.


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