Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"Heaven and Earth" - a book to shift the ground in climate science

I decided to look again at what's rumbling over in Australia about man-made global warming. On Google, I had to skim through a dozen links before finding this one from "Real Clear Politics."

Just as Americans are, Australians were looking down the muzzle of some costly legislation, advocated by environmentalists with doom's-day predictions about man-made global warming, predicting the end of life as we know it if carbon emissions weren't lowered dramatically.

In reply, an author named Ian Plimer wrote this book. "Heaven and Earth" apparently addresses a huge issue that many global warming pundits neglect: solar energy. By far the largest influence on Earth's climate is the sun's energy; why assume that man-made CO2 might produce change, without looking at a more likely source?

Plimer's book is selling like hot-cakes to Australians who are more than skeptical about legislation that will cost them a fortune. (Sound familiar?) I'll be interested to see how it does here. Of course, the global warming/environmental community will attack it, and its arguments. I look forward to seeing if it produces a firestorm of argument here as well.

But at $39.95, it may be a while before I read it.

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