Wednesday, July 22, 2009


My hubby is visiting. Now that he is the stated supply pastor at our church, he can begin doing some of the roles of a pastor, and he absolutely loves it. I think he loves visiting people just about as much as he loves preaching. There's nothing he likes better than sitting down with an elderly person and just yapping for an hour or so, reading some Scripture together, and praying.

He visited two church members on Monday, and attended a funeral.

He visited again yesterday, and spent the morning with a dear lady in a nursing home.

Today he is at the hospital most of the day with a church friend who is undergoing surgery.

And then he is teaching the Wednesday Bible Study tonight.

He loves it so much that he can't believe people will pay you to do all this. He would do it for free, if he could.

I think that's the best kind of work, if you can get it!

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