Friday, July 24, 2009

I know it's still July...

...but the cool temperatures this summer, combined with my excitement at not teaching full-time in the classroom this fall, have me wishing for my favorite time of year.

I've always loved autumn. I used to feel a little guilty about it. Most normal people love spring or summer. They enjoy warmth, rebirth, new plants and green shoots and the relief of escaping the dreary cold of winter.

Not me.

I love sweaters and pumpkins, multi-colored leaves and wood fires, chilly mornings and piercing blue skies, making warm applesauce and cooling pumpkin pies, hot cocoa and popcorn, Christmas movies and holiday cheer. The heat of summer exhausts me, but I'm exhilarated by cool mornings, cooler evenings, and the crunch of an early frost on a walk. Stories about squirrels and nuts, bears and snow, children and pumpkins, and steaming early-morning milk cows -- these make me smile.

I may just go ahead and give in to it. Should I blog lots of autumn posts? Maybe I'll see what I can find online. Meanwhile. I have a fun, small literary anthology called "Forest's Robe" with lots of lovely autumn poetry. Expect some gems!

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