Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Day in the Renaissance

Field trip! Yessirree Bob -- today was our day at the Renaissance Festival! And, besides the fact that it was rainy and cold, we had a great time :) Here are the kids with the "tree guy."
Peter nearly froze while watching the jousting tournament.
The ONE THING that Julia wanted to spend her money one (she had $1.05), was a camel ride. Well, she got it!
Anna was easy to find all day in that hat. She enjoyed all the medieval wares being sold.
Some amazing carving:
Jousting, clearly the big event at the festival. Here is our hero!

And here is his evil enemy. The enemy was soundly defeated, of course.
And everyone's icky favorite, the Green Man. He's basically bawdy and strange, but very funny. Peter took us back by his spot a couple of times.
These acrobats were amazing. Look closely at his feet - see what he's balancing on?
I enjoyed all the musicians. This man is playing a hurdy-gurdy, an instrument familiar to those who love Chaucer; his Friar played the hurdy-gurdy. I enjoyed getting a close look at the instrument.
This is a very odd organ. The performer inside plays a keyboard that rings the various bells. It sounds strange and spooky.

There were several lovely harpists.
This structure stands at the jousting field. The king and queen sit in state there.
Here are some other shots of the permanent buildings that stand at the festival location. Julia particularly loved this day, and because she'll be studying Medieval history and literature next year in school, I'm sure we'll go again. Peter and Anna are willing to come again as well, as long as it's not cold and rainy :)


  1. MK,
    What happened to Mark's blog? I read him all the time. That whole thing with the pump not working and they not having any water had me worried about them. Let me know if he has a new address. I like keeping up with them.

  2. Beth - I can't access it either. I emailed him to ask about it, but haven't heart back yet. I'll let you know if I hear.


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