Friday, October 23, 2009

Three Down, One to Go

And I bet you're wondering ... what's she talking about?

Three days of fall break down, one to go?

Well. No. I would be referring to the flu.

Philip brought it home with him from college on his fall break. He was laid low for a full 2 days. Julia was the next to succumb. She's still in bed. Her temp has varied from 99.5 to 102.3. This morning it was 101.8. She seems to feel okay, but I'm not trusting that temperature!

And Anna is the latest victim. Her temp this morning was only 99.7, but it's early yet, and she'll soon be climbing those slopes! Bed rest, fluids, and NO CONTACT WITH PETER, PLEASE!

Because, you know, we're still supposed to go on that fabulous field trip to Monticello, right?

Oh, yes ma'am, we're going! If I have to dose them all up with tylenol and quarantine them in the van, we're going! Argh.

Actually, as long as Peter doesn't fall, we should all be well by Monday.

And, uh, as long as I don't get it either.

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