Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Low-Fat Myth

This is a long video, done by a Stanford University Nutrition professor, but well worth your time. If you're interested in health, diet studies, and whether the advice of the past 30 years is working for Americans, watch this.

Now this guy is a life-long vegetarian, but after his investigations, he had to admit that, "the low-fat thing clearly isn't working." We Americans have been told for decades that, to lose weight, we must cut fat from our diets, and exercise.

Except, that doesn't work. ESPECIALLY if you're insulin resistant.

American is ballooning in obesity. Diabetes is sky-rocketing. All this has occurred particularly in the past 30 years, just at the time when we've been told to boost carbohydrates in our diets. This professor is not promoting Adkins per se, but he is questioning the conventional wisdom we've all been fed.


  1. I have found that my diet, and by that I mean, what I was eating, had way too much fat in it. I was eating hamburgers and french fries and things like that. I have cut those types of foods out of my diet now. I use "reduced fat" items and not "no fat". When things have fat cut out they are over processed and the taste is sacrificed. I also use Olive Oil now on just about everything.

    I think portion control is the way key. And I believe in exercise.

  2. I watched the whole thing. It was very interesting. It was well presented and and very informative. It confirmed a lot of things I've read, and found.

  3. My favorite nutritionist is Pamela M. Smith. I base the way I eat on her book Eat Well, Live Well. She has ten commandments. #10 is "Thou shalt never, never go on a fad diet!" I wholeheartedly agree with Beth - exercise is good for body, soul and mind. That being said, I have a friend who dieted so stringently her hair was falling out. She could not lose weight until her doctor treated her for insulin resistance.


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