Saturday, October 10, 2009

Healthier AND Cheaper!

I went to the Farmers' Market this morning, as usual. I came home with a heavy bag! Here's what I bought this morning:

large bag of red potatoes
6 sweet potatoes
a bundle of radishes
7 ears of fresh corn
large bag of green beans
3 sweet onions
apples, an assortment of romas and granny smiths - about 10 apples

Remembering that all these products are organic and farm-fresh, how much would you pay at WalMart for that much produce? At your grocery store?

Well, this morning I paid less than $16. That seems like a great deal to me :) And the corn was rather pricey because it was the last of it. But so many of the other items are much less expensive than they are the grocery store, because all those middle men (who need paychecks) are cut out of the cost.

Some folks assume that eating healthier is more expensive. It's not. It's just a tad bit more trouble: you have to go where the food is. But these days, local produce is readily available. We just live lives that are SO BUSY, that there's not even time for 1 hour at the farmers' market downtown. Slow down! Enjoy looking through the fresh stuff! Talk to the growers! I guarantee you that you'll like it more than standing in line at WalMart. And you'll spend less money.


  1. Well, not to be argumentative, but I think the pricing depends on where you live. I can buy corn at the grocery store for $3 a dozen, and at the farmers market or farm stand, it's $7. Yes, it's better, yes, it's fresher, and yes, I pay the higher price at the farm stand for corn. However, for other fruits and veggies, at least around here, the lower prices are at the store, not the farmers' market. Weighing the cost to my wallet and the extra time and effort, right now, I find myself buying at the store. Maybe it's because farmers' markets are a newer proposition here in the Northeast ... I visited a giant one in PA over the summer that I would gladly shop at weekly (but the commute would kill me LOL).

  2. MK, haven't heard about the puppy recently... is she out of favor? Just kidding. Let's see some pictures!

  3. Scooter - yes, the corn was expensive. It was pre-shucked, but still I paid $4 for the 7 ears. But I'd looked at similar corn at Aldi last week, and it was withered and dry-looking. This looked really fresh. However, about a month ago, when corn was in season, I paid $3 for 13 ears at this same farmers' market. Radishes: $1. Red potatoes: 80 cents a lb. 12 apples: $3. Swt Pots & onions together were less than $3. I think you're right that location is key. A farmers' market in the South is not as much of a trendy, upper-class thing, like shopping at Whole Foods. These growers are country folk, simple and hard-working. They've been selling their produce for years. Maybe that makes a difference?
    H - I'll have to get some pics of Julia with Sandy. They are SO funny together!


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