Friday, October 2, 2009

Good friends from afar

This weekend, Julia and I are staying with an old friend, Eve. Well, I've known Eve for a long time, but I can hardly call her old -- she's as beautiful today as when I knew her 30 years ago! Here's her lovely home:

And ... I got to meet my blogging friend, Moriah!! What fun :) Moriah has 3 adorable, active children, with whom Julia played while we mommas drank lemonade and caught up -- well, how do you catch up with someone you're just meeting for the first time? It was fun. Moriah, thanks for having me over! Here is a quick photo taken by Julia, and I apologize for my disheveled state, but when you're my age, you stop hoping that THIS photo will be the one that makes you look GORGEOUS :) Moriah, however, is a doll. And, uh, because the photographer IS 10 years old, it's a bit blurry and accentuates the ceiling :)


  1. Oh, well I expected it to be worse :) Maybe the blurry-ness is actually a good thing; you know, like cover up?


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