Friday, March 5, 2010

Chair Recovery

This is an old chair I bought somewhere -- probably a junk store. It is sturdy, with beautiful wood, but the seat was worn when I bought it, and after only a few months as Julia's school chair, you can see how the seat pad has worn away on the edge. I popped it out of the chair frame, as you see. (Sorry the photo is dark.)
I began looking for some fabric to cover the seat. Here's what I chose: a cushion cover from Salvation Army (50¢). It was the right size, sturdy and new, and (best of all) provided me with TWO pieces of fabric, so that when one wears out, I'll have another! I got out my sewing scissors and cut two grand squares from it this morning.
Then I requested Adam's staple gun, and (after discovering I wasn't strong enough to use it) Adam's strength too. Happily, he recalled covering chairs with his mom, and promptly did a great job in stapling on the new fabric. Tada!! here is our lovelier chair!

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  1. I think it's a lovely improvement. Good for you (and Adam).


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