Thursday, March 4, 2010

It's 10:15 PM ...

... and I'm tired and WAY past any serious thinking today. But here are a few pictures of our trip to Brevard, NC on Monday-Wednesday. We did encounter some snow:
The mountains are always stunning, but seeing them draped in white was a new and pleasing view.
We also dropped into Bracken Mountain Bakery in downtown Brevard. If you ever have a chance, GO!! This is just their window display:
Their selection is mesmerizing, and certainly the reason the service is slow (I'm just kidding) -- because all the customers stand staring at the luscious bread and CANNOT decide what they want to eat. I think everyone says to himself, "Do I only get to pick ONE?"
We visited dear friends also, and enjoyed a delicious lunch, and enjoyed time together. Adam made a new friend:
That's little Tessa, and she is a doll.

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