Monday, March 29, 2010

Product Post #6

Toilet paper. One of life's necessities. I don't think any of us wants to return to a time before it existed. But it's expensive, isn't it?!

On the left: Angel Soft from WalMart -- double roll
On the right: Willow from Aldi -- double roll.
I'm not certain that the photos here show how very different these two rolls are in size. The Angel Soft is MUCH bigger. However, both rolls, in their packaging, are sold as "12 Double Rolls." Both are 2-ply. Clearly, the term "double roll" is not a standard measurement. What exactly IS a double roll?

Angel Soft package: 501 square feet.
Willow: 381.3 square feet.

Now that's a HUGE difference!

Cost? Angel Soft: $5.97
Willow: $5.29

So, with the Angel Soft, I'm paying a little over a penny (1.19 ¢) for each square foot.
With the Willow, I'm paying closer to 1 1/2 cents per square foot (1.38 ¢).

This may not seem like much cash, until your 10 year old is rolling off mounds of TP from the roller, because it's so much fun to watch it fly through the air. Ch-ching.

Oh, and quality? Exactly the same. I held both rolls, one in each hand, closed my eyes, and fingered it. I can tell no difference in softness or thickness.

Conclusion? Just because you're shopping at Aldi (a store I love, by the way) doesn't mean you automatically get the better deal. Compare prices AND sizes of products.

Because "double roll" can mean just about anything!

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  1. had to giggle at this Mom is an AVID and I mean AVID Aldi shopper. We had one in Germany and I thought she was going to faint!


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