Saturday, March 13, 2010

In which young men are very foolish:

Blake and Peter, after spending about 6 hours walking around town, decided they needed just a bit more exercise, and went in the back yard to play on Peter's old rope.
The rope is broken, and is really short, as you can see. Blake has to reach up to grab it.
And Blake demonstrates the particular trick they were working on today -- the flip over. He did it from a standing position -- feet over head, flip over, release.
So Peter gives it a try.
Up ... up ...
And over!!

Later, they told me they wanted to do a "funny video." And when they came in the house, Peter said, "I think I sprained my wrists." They did get this event on the camera phone -- Peter tried the trick with a run in front, giving him more momentum. After he flipped, he fell straight down, and landing on both wrists. Poor kid! He soaked them in warm water, but still, at dinner, couldn't pick up his pizza, and needed to use a straw to drink his Cheerwine :(


  1. Oh my goodness, tell Peter I hope his wrists get better. I've managed to bust one of my knees in indoor soccer, but at least I can still eat pizza. :)

  2. Jesse broke his wrist the day after Christmas. His horse Magic stepped in a hole and stumbled so badly (from a gallop) I saw her face hit the ground. Jesse landed left wrist first, of course! Praise the Lord for his watch care, it could have been so much worse. The doctor said, "A mere bump in the road for this young man." Three weeks in a cast, three weeks in a brace and he was good as new.


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