Monday, May 31, 2010

Crocheted Bag #2

So, Julia saw my first crocheted bag and immediately said, "I want one!" Here it is:
She picked out the colors herself -- "harvest gold," as she calls it, on the bottom, and a soft orange for the body. She also wanted a long strap; it can go diagonally across her chest also.
She liked the open-work in the middle, and she wanted a drawstring around the top. And then we decided to add a flower too. Here's the flower:
I thought the drawstring worked especially well. I like using an "accent" color. This photo is washed out, though. The orange is richer than that.
I took some earlier shots inside, but they were rather dark. Still, here's one that shows the structure of the bag well.


  1. So Cute! I want one in denim blue! Can I order one? Hunter

  2. Hi, Hunter! Sure! I'll need to find some gorgeous blue yarn. (All my fun yarn right now is in rustic colors.) Maybe I can bring it to you when I come to camp in a few weeks?

  3. Great! Thank you. I love things like this! It will be wonderful to see you. Anna is a doll...


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