Wednesday, September 22, 2010

(Blogging Vanity)

Well, I finally, finally found out how to tell how many of you are out there. You know. YOU. You readers. You stalkers and lurkers. I know you're there. I just didn't know how MANY of you there were.

And finally a friend told me where to find my "stats." So I looked. Did you know that my blog was looked at 36 times yesterday!!! My word! I don't know who all of you are out there -- except Gretchen Joanna, who is kind enough to comment often, or other friends like Carolyn who tell me they check my blog often -- but whoever you are, thanks!! I know you're there. You don't have to say anything.

And my hubster Adam, he checks up on my blog on his little Ipod Touch. And he told me that the background color (which was a deep green, but was thoroughly covered by the rest of the layout) made it nearly impossible for him to read my writing. I told him to let the page load all the way. He said, "nay, nay" and that the green never went away on his device. So -- I've changed my background color, for all of you who were squinting at the screen, if you were. Hope that helps.

My stats also tell me where my readers live around the world. And I just have to say -- all you folks from Latvia who are reading here: Welcome! My husband and I thought of moving to Latvia once, and we became interested in the country. And then I started checking the Riga Daily Photo blog, just to see what Riga looks like. It's interesting to think of having silent friends so far away.

That's all for now :)


  1. And I didn't even check yesterday. So 37 lurkers. I'm not surprised at all. How many Facebook friends do you keep up with? And then there is your large family. The Latvia connection is curious, though.

  2. Hi! I'm Lori. I'm a lurker. [And I lived down the hall from Carolyn at Covenant!] I found your blog back when the Scots Alumni site was still around. I read your blog everyday and thoroughly enjoy it (even though I don't comment :) )! I, too, happily found canned pumpkin at the store today and bought six large cans. Makes me so happy! Anyway, I enjoy your blog! Thanks for writing every day!

  3. Hi gals!! Carolyn - I think the Latvia daily photo guy checks in sometimes, b/c I have commented on his blog occasionally too. He takes great pictures.
    Lori -- welcome! Another Covenant girl :) I'm glad you're reading. And enjoy that pumpkin cookin'!!


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