Monday, September 13, 2010

Early Evening Walk

A perfect evening for a walk with my hubby. I wanted to catch some pictures of the last light of day.
We took Sandy along. These two dogs always bark (and the one also growls) when we go by. This photo shows something I'd never seen them do before! The nicer, larger dog, is trying to pull the smaller, meaner dog backward, by its tail! Whether he's trying to prevent the mean dog from being aggressive, or just wants to keep him from running into their electrical fence, I don't know. They never come out of their yard.
A line of crepe myrtles. The crepe myrtles have been especially lovely and long-blooming this year.
A pretty garden bed:

Now we're back home, and I think we'll watch a movie this evening. Adam has picked out a Russian movie called "The Island" -- one of those dark movies with little talking.

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  1. Maybe by the time you read this comment you will have watched your movie, "The Island." Is it the one about the monks, and the one monk who is repenting of his betrayal of his captain? That is, as you might guess, one of my favorite movies, it is so Orthodox, and also artistically excellent. If it is the same one, you probably don't think it is dark now that you have seen it.


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