Monday, September 20, 2010


Thought I'd better just check in and say hi. Life's been busy -- today we did school, I went to Christian Women's Club for a few hours over lunch, came home and cleaned the house, and then we had Bible study here tonight. We took a break from the weekly Bible studies for a month or so, and I've missed them quite a bit. I love fellowshiping with my spiritual siblings from church. I know that may sound really weird to anybody reading who isn't a Christian, but it's just the truth. Being with these friends warms my soul, and there's nothing we love talking about more than God's Word, His love for us, and our hope for heaven.

One day recently my computer told me that its brain was completely full. Not another inch left for thinkin'!! So, I deleted lots and lots of photos from my Iphoto. But before I did, I went through and picked out a bunch that I considered particularly beautiful, so that, when I needed a pretty photo for a blog post, I'd have some to choose from.
So, there's a nice picture to get you ready for cooler weather :) Tomorrow, we officially welcome autumn. Today, I looked at our outdoor thermometer (which was in the sun, I will admit), and it read 100.4. Sure doesn't feel like fall to me, but I'm still hoping. Lately it seems that one extreme season will be followed by another, so perhaps this will be a cold winter. Bring on the fires in the fireplace!! Bring on the fleece pj's and fluffy socks! I'm ready!

This weekend Adam will be candidating at another church, and we're very excited -- these are dear folks we've known for years and love dearly, so I hope it will go well, and God will bless his Word as it is taught.

More busyness this week: Community Chorus rehearsal, church & choir practice, Fall Fling at our church, another Bible study, then getting ready for Adam's trip this weekend. So much to do!

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