Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Adam and I had the opportunity to travel to Iowa for the weekend. I hadn't seen the state since 2001. And the temps there were at least 15 degrees cooler then here in NC when we left. How lovely! And the breeze was blowing! And the air was moist with rain! What a relief!
Iowa is a state of large lands and larger skies. I snapped some shots as we drove along.
This photo shows why I love the skies of Iowa. From horizon to horizon -- 180 degrees of glory. Blue blue, with puffy white clouds.
Adam preached at a church there. They had a case of historical material on the church, and there I found this fascinating text -- a split psalter. Isn't that interesting? This format allows the singer to combine any number of musical lines with a psalm text, as long as the meters are compatible. What an ingenious idea! I knew my blog friends would want to see this.
The church, which dates from the 1800s, also has a large cemetery, very beautiful and peaceful.
Our friends took us to see the Mississippi River at Burlington. We were standing on a bluff, at a park -- so Iowa, which many think of as flat, actually has some rather significant hills, near the river.

Our friends also had a most interesting item adorning their living room. Look:
This ominous beast is mounted, and he stands in front of a natural mural which serves as the perfect backdrop. Isn't he handsome?

They also had a magnificent tree in the yard, and you know me when it comes to trees! I had to get a picture.
I have saved the least elegant, least honorable pictures for last. We did fly to Iowa, and I had to take a picture of the terminal at O'Hare Airport in Chicago. The natural lighting was really pleasant. Not all of their terminals are this beautiful.
We had to eat twice in O'Hare, since they did not serve any food on our flights. Here was lunch. The orange chicken was fine, but my rice - bleck! We had a miniature pizza on the return trip, and it was "nothing to write home about," but we were hungry, so it sufficed.
And this -- well, I just had to get documentation of this. This is the type of toilet in O'Hare Airport. No one wants to sit on a toilet seat that has lately been occupied by a stranger. We are all very germ conscious. These toilets will give you a brand new cover on your seat, before you sit down. Just pass your hand over the blue-lit scanner, and the plastic cover slips around on the seat -- the old is removed, and the new is there to welcome you :)
Thanks for your many prayers. We had a safe and very enjoyable trip, met many new friends, embraced many old ones, ministered in the Lord's name and heard His word preached.

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