Saturday, September 11, 2010

Old Wax

Perhaps you've gathered by now that I hate wasting things. And, I love candles. But I end up with jar candles with left-over wax, in spite of my best efforts to encourage the candle to use its wax efficiently. And this morning I had a brainiac idea of how to melt down old wax without getting ANY of my pans messy and impossible to clean.

TADA!!! :
I used my deep Revereware saucepan, with the steamer in it, and the double-boiler as a lid above it. This way, the wax will melt in the glass jar, but it wont shatter or make a mess.
And boy did it work! See it beginning to melt on the bottom?
Meanwhile I prepared my container for the new candle. I used some natural twine for the wick. I dipped it a few times in the liquid wax to help it hang straighter. Then I pressed it into the soft wax on the bottom of the old candle jar you see here:
When the melting wax was completely liquid, I poured it easily into its new home.
I put it in the frig to turn harder faster. And it went so well that I pulled out ANOTHER old jar of wax, and did it again! Here they are, burning brightly:
Happy September! It's cool outside, Handel's Messiah is playing, and Adam is burning in his bread oven today. I'm going outside!

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  1. Correction: it's raining, and I'm back INSIDE :)


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