Friday, September 10, 2010

A Much-Needed Rest

On Labor Day we were invited to the lake house of some dear friends. They are so generous to invite us often!
When I took this picture, the little flower was spinning fast in the wind. But in the pic, it looks still.
Their lawn stretches to the lake, dappled in peaceful light. I enjoy strolling to the water to check on the kids, then strolling back to the house to talk with my friend.
This is the old cabin. When our friends were first married (many, many years ago now!) they lived in this rustic abode. I think it's precious! But you can no longer go inside safely.
This is the lake house. It's also rustic, and I adore a place like this! I told my friend, if I came out here for the weekend as they do, I would never go back to my house in town! They are still working full-time, far past retirement, and are some of the busiest, most productive people I know. They enjoy it.
The living area. There's no central heat in the house -- only this large wood-burning stove insert. The house also is not insulated, so they close it up in the winter.
The beautiful view of the lake from their dining table. I think I would sit here for hours. I'm sure I would be most unproductive if I lived in this little spot, but my mind -- oh, my mind, would have many thoughts, and much poetry would be written that (sadly) will never see the light of day, as I am now.

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