Friday, May 13, 2011

Almost There!!

Anna graduates on Saturday. Praise the Lord! And I don't mean that lightly! Graduating a child from high school is a huge undertaking, especially when a family homeschools.
I enlisted Philip's help in making a slide-show on the computer. Anna was in charge of removing pictures from albums, and returning them to the right albums. Hopefully. We got about 85 pictures - yay!! This is child's play to Philip. He'll have it running on his laptop and hers also, I hope, at graduation.
He decided we needed pictures of the graduate in her get-up. This is the gown, which I hemmed 9 inches (on the bottom) and 3 inches (on the sleeves). She's looking great! I told her to hop up on Fiona.
Philip in his photographer's stance. He's pretty picky about his pictures. Very few of them were deemed acceptable. I'm just happy if the eyes aren't closed.
Julia always tries to evade having her picture taken. She dashed away, but my shutter was too fast for her!
Anna is a very affectionate child. Philip is a bit stand-offish. He'll hug you, because he knows you need a hug, but otherwise, back off. The faces tell it all.
And speaking of kisses and hugs ... last night was also Peter's school choir concert. A little fatherly affection, post-concert, by way of congratulations. I live with nuts.
Afterward, we were all sitting around. In the living room. All six of us. At the same time. I can't tell you how unusual this is. Four? or Five? Yes, sometimes. But all six? I had to get a photo of all my kids, sitting so closely together, without squabbling. I suppose it helped that they were all watching screens. Julia is playing ... wait for it ... Lego Harry Potter! Hahaha! The boys were both watching her skills.

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  1. It IS so much fun to have all the kids in one spot, isn't it? I love it when that happens!


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