Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pesto Baguettes

My neighbor Ali saw my basil growing bushy, and she said, "I'd make pesto with that." I'd never made pesto before, so I thought, "It's high time!" One of our favorite items at the bakery in Brevard, is a pesto baguette. If I'm making pesto, why not make some bread to go with it?

Here's the basil. I cleaned it like lettuce.
Here are the other ingredients: olive oil, pine nuts (which we happened to have!), and garlic.  I also threw in some pecans, because they're my favorite nut. Well, besides Adam.
Toss it all in the food processor, pulverize it, (tell Philip that, no, the nut pieces are NOT too large), and presto-pesto!! There it is! The big green slime monster! But it tastes oh-so-good.
I whipped up two loaves of French bread and rolled the pesto inside it, just like a jelly roll, before baking. Couldn't be easier. See that green stuff about to ooze out the side? That's the best!
Yum. But I think I should have rolled it thinner, to give more rings of pesto.
Julia says it met her expectations.
Philip took a nap while it was baking. He likes pesto, and it's even green! Miracles still occur. This cute photo of Philip taking a nap is especially for Rebecca, because we miss you, dear. No children (or mothers) were harmed in the taking of this picture. He doesn't know I took it, and he also doesn't know that I'm about to post it online. It's hard, having a blogging mom.


  1. YUM! Bring some out here! We'll have it with our cauliflower cheese soup!

  2. So many of your posts make me drool. Today was no exception. :)

  3. Haha - sorry, ladies, to make you drool :) Philip told me yesterday that people like my food posts best, and I haven't done one in a while. Funny thing: my two picky eaters are the ones who love the pesto. Silly!


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