Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"Where has she been?"

I can just hear you asking that.

All three of you :)

Well, I've been here. Busy, or not. But with nothing much to say.

I've been watching bees, visiting with my brother and his wife, who stayed overnight on Sunday. I've been putting tomato plants in the soil, at last. I've been cutting spinach and pulling radishes. I've finished Julia's school year. (Yippee!! Much celebration is heard down the hallway!!) I took Anna shopping for her graduation dress, a simple, summer cotton affair. Then we went to Dollar Tree and bought all the tacky graduation decoration stuff we could stand.

Hmm. What else? I cooked a few meals, even though I haven't been in the mood.  Thus, the total lack of food pictures. I made a chocolate cake, but it was just a box mix. I finished Anna's literature lessons, and wrote her final exam.  I read some more in Ivanhoe. I do that each evening, just a few pages, before bed. I read through Abraham's, Isaac's, Jacob's and Joseph's lives, and wrote a blog post about it, but didn't post it. Yet.

And I told myself about 20 times each day, "Life is good." Because it is. And you know what? Telling myself that life is good, helps me to believe that it is. I don't think it's some silly positive-thinking mumbo-jumbo. I think it's a truth that I don't see easily, and I need help. It's helping.

Anna graduates on Saturday. I've taught her for nine years of her schooling. Nine out of thirteen. And she still loves me, and thinks she can learn something from me. I think that's amazing.

Signing off for now!


  1. Hi, M.K.!
    Congratulations on getting your daughter to this milestone! And you have raised a self-learner -- or would that be self-teacher? Autodidact...that's huge.
    Have a wonderful week.

  2. I think that her love for her mama's brain is amazing and wonderful. Well done! Some days the "woo hoo" feeling escapes me, too. At least I've learned I can't manufacture it; it's a miracle and the timing is always reassuring. Lately I've been saying to myself, "Self, just look harder."

  3. Well, my comment sounded a bit more "know it all" ish than I meant it to. I'm sorry! Oh my goodness! I am a sheep, just following along, eyes on the Shepherd.

  4. Pom, don't apologize! You didn't sound know-it-allish to me :) It was nice to hear you express what I often feel - unenthused. I've also been telling myself that interesting truths are all around me, if my brain would just engage and I would "look harder." I think my brain needs to wake up! :) We ARE excited about this graduation.


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