Friday, May 6, 2011

A Bookish Family

I spent most of today cleaning Julia's room. Julia didn't help much at first. You see, she'd become afraid to go into her room. Last night, she wouldn't even sleep in her room. She'd seen a camel cricket in there; to Julia, these insects are the greatest horror on the planet. She slept, whimpering slightly, in the TV room.

So, this morning, The Great Cleaning commenced. I used a rake. Usually a broom will suffice, but the depths of the piles of books-clothing-writingimplements-trash-legos-toys-stuffedanimals was just too unfathomable for my broom. A spring rake was brought. I raked everything -- everything -- into the hall. There we sorted. And I knew Julia would have to get rid of a great many books. Here's the pile she decided to abandon:
I removed all furniture except the bed, dresser, and one bookcase. We swept the floor. She cleaned it with Lysol. I sprayed insect repellent to ward off any foolish camel crickets. I squashed the one she saw yesterday, which greatly relieved her. (Poor thing, the insect, I mean.)

She really didn't keep that many books; I was surprised. I went through the rejects and kept all the ones I've been longing to keep.  All the ones I want to have in the house for grandchildren someday.  I've been anticipating saving reading books for my grandchildren ever since I began having children myself. Silly, I know.

And now!! I have A Grandchildren's Bookcase! Here it is:
The top shelf is for reading to the little ones. The middle shelf is for early readers. The bottom shelf, for more advanced bookish ones.

While rooting about, I also discovered my little books.  I love little books. Here's my collection. I've placed a small, brown Gideon New Testament pocket Bible on the right end, for size comparison.
So adorable.
Now, I must patiently await the grandchildren. At least they'll know they've been anticipated :)

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  1. Good for you, MK!
    I have saved books, too. I used to sort them constantly when the kids were little. Our Jenny put her name in almost all of them when she went through the "writing my name" phase. Your grandchildren will love it when Grandma reads to them. I'm glad you did such an amazing job of de-bugging. A rake = funny!


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