Friday, May 13, 2011

Food for Starving Blogger Folk!

Hi all! Blogger has been down for two days, so I couldn't post. But at last, I'm here to meet your online-reading hunger needs :)

In no particular order,

An article on the Navy Seals. I don't know that it's very enlightening, but it has pictures, and I really wanted to know what some of these guys looked like.

Fun baby-name website. You can type in the name, and it'll tell you how popular the name has been for the past, oh, 200 years. Pretty neat!

Some REAL community "organizers.  This World Mag article tells about some people who don't define community work as whining to the nearest media and demanding gov't funding. They actually work, and help people. Great article.

"Death to High School English" -- I loved this article, although there's a little bad language toward the end. This teacher addresses the dilemma we have of college students who can't write well At. All.  Got no grammar. Got no spelling. Couldn't spot a sentence fragment if it bit them on their noses. The solution? Read it and find out.

On a related topic: College Debt. Is it still worth it to go into debt for a degree? It's a complicated issue, and this writer has his doubts.

Will there be a College Debt Bubble, like the housing bubble, a cataclysmic deconstruction of our whole higher education system? This writer explores this question.

20% Unemployment among men -- David Brooks calls it "The Missing Fifth." He addresses all the possible reasons why 1 out of 5 U.S. men are unemployed, examining the job market from 1954 to the present, but he never addresses the elephant in the room:  women in the job market. Yeah, adding all those women in the 60s and 70s did make a difference. How could it not?

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