Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Blogasbord Is Back!

USA Today on Medicare -- This article points out the weaknesses of both parties in dealing with the monkey around everyone's neck: healthcare costs for seniors.

Only 1.4% of Americans are gay -- I found the approach of this article fascinating: the gay community has inflated the stats, and it's totally unnecessary. Good read.

Bursting the low-fat bubble -- Another milk/low-fat article. I found the comments afterward interesting. Evidently people who grew up with the low-fat mantra are rather unwilling to hear anything else. But we should ask: after 30 years of religiously following a low-fat regime, is America thinner? NO.

Korean drive -- I haven't had time to watch the video yet, but the subject is one with which we're familiar, after teaching at a boarding school with numerous Korean students. I thought the Japanese were tops in this department.

Twelve Questions -- Here's a list of questions from a stay-at-home parent, that will make you guffaw :) If you don't read the others, you should read this. Laughter is good for you.

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