Sunday, March 30, 2014

About That Hymn Sing ...

I tell ya. What a night!! Remember how I asked your help in choosing hymns for our Fifth Sunday Sing? Thank you, thank you! The evening was an unexpected, stupendous, joyful success!
This is our sanctuary, and about 5:35, we already had quite a few visitors coming in. We were excited that a few came.
 And they came. And they came. And they kept coming! See that sanctuary? It was PACKED. Every pew. We had at least 70 lovers of hymn singing, and Oh! Did they sing!
Our hand chime choir played two pieces at the beginning, and then the poor chimers had to go find a spot to squeeze into, in the pews. Here was the chime table before service. We play in the hallway beside the sanctuary because there's not room in the sanctuary for our tables. Plus, it eases their minds that nobody is watching them play. Except me :)
 Here's Adam, chatting with Jeremiah, the Episcopal pastor. They both have excellent pastoral names.
 Look at these two darlings. Don't anybody tell me that older ladies aren't absolutely gorgeous! They both play in the chime choir, and come faithfully with cheerful, helpful hearts and hands.
 I dashed into the kitchen and snapped this photo of two ladies who helped with dishes and punch and cookies and washing and all the helpful, necessary things.
And at that point, the evening got really busy, and I forgot about my camera in the sheer excitement of playing a raucous piano with 70 people singing lustily their very favorite hymns behind me. It was such a joy! We sang: "O For a Thousand Tongues;" "It Is Well With My Soul," "Great Is Thy Faithfulness," "To God Be the Glory," "How Great Thou Art, "Holy, Holy, Holy," and "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus."
People walked into the sanctuary asking to sing solos and small groups, and we welcomed them all. The small choirs, however, never got to sing alone because as soon as they started, we'd all sing along. Such excitement and joy in singing those old songs seemed to fill everyone. And I played with such abandon because when it's that loud, nobody can hear your mistakes! Hooray!
A handful of members from our church stood and sang James Ward's "Rock of Ages." It's such a beautiful tune, and I wanted my non-Presbyterian friends to hear it since I know it's not in their hymnals. Below is a video of James Ward singing this piece alone, on the piano. He's such a gift to God's kingdom.


  1. I bet your sing was just 'wonderful'. I'm glad you had such a wonderful turn out! To God be the glory.

    That was a lovely rendition of Rock of Ages, not one I've heard before. Thank you for sharing it.

    Have a nice week ~ FlowerLady

  2. Blessings all around! I know the Lord enjoyed it, too! Have a great day!

  3. Sounds wonderful and those ladies are GORGEOUS with such beautiful skin and smiles.

  4. So glad, and thanks for letting us have a part.
    That's so good for a community! Love and blessings.

  5. And thanks for letting us in on the joy!

  6. Wow that is just fantastic. It sounds like a truly wonderful evening of Praise. I've never heard Rock of Ages that way but it was really beautiful.

  7. Aw! The sanctuary is so perfect! I'm so glad you had such a great time singing! I bet the angels joined you!

  8. I dearly love the old hymns and love the nights when church has a sing. They are popular...the oldsters love remembering and the youngsters love the introduction.

  9. I love hymn sings! So glad you had such a hearty turn-out. Thank you, MK, for sharing James Ward and his Rock of Ages. I wholeheartedly and thoroughly enjoyed that video and I'll be looking up more from him. Wonderful!


  10. So glad you had such a great turnout and a great time! I love your little sanctuary! I was amazed at James's rendition of Rock of Ages, and I didn't expect that voice! :)


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