Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Of Birds and Blanket

Julia still goes to her art workshop each week. Last week she did this lovely little wren.
She copied it from a calendar photo, I believe. She did the bird's head with black ink, and achieved the look in the eye quite well.
The other day Julia asked me if we have screen wire and a staple gun. "See your dad," I replied.
She removed the canvas from this frame (after she'd painted it over and painted a scene on it, which she didn't like much), painted the frame, and stapled on the wire to make a board to which she can attach little what-nots and mementoes.
My friend Annie might recognize the "Julia" card. She made that for Julia when she was Julia's first grade teacher. Julia told me that at some point when the card was on our frig, she wrote "me" at the top, I suppose so everyone would know who Julia was! The photo of Julia is from Iowa, when she was about two years old.
Julia's been drawing all her life. She says this is a good example of her "baby art" -- haha :) She's been very fond of birds since she was a little baby. This is a good example of an early one. The beak is round; it has a tail and its wing is black.
And guess what's finished? My stripey blanket!
The border is two rows of single crochet and then a row of picot trim. I love the border.

Isn't the picot lovely?
It ties the whole blanket together. I chose the darkest color. I didn't want a light color that would get soiled easily.
This will now grace our bed, lying atop the other blankets. I've told Julia and Adam that they can't lie on top of it or ever allow a button or zipper or anything else to snag on a piece of yarn. If it becomes damaged, I'll probably move it to the guest bedroom.

My favorite section is along the top of the blanket. I like these colors most -- the gold, the blues.
I hope your week is going fine. Our week is cold and rainy, and we're rather cooped up inside, grumpily awaiting the return of spring :) Meanwhile, artistic creativity continues in our home.


  1. You and Julia are both amazing artists! Your blanket looks like happiness. :) Lori

  2. You might like the picot, but I like that blanket!! Anytime you might wish to keep the picot, I would be happy to relieve you of the rest of it LOL. Julia's bird is beautiful (I like that too ;-) )

  3. Hi MK! I love Julia's bird and YOUR blanket! It's your best work yet! It looks so warm and bright.

  4. Beautiful blanket & beautiful bird!!

  5. Julia's bird is very good and I like the sparkle in the birds' eye. She's quite creative. I like her hanging piece for mementos. That little baby bird drawing is oh so cute.

    Your blanket turned out beautiful! It looks lovely on your bed.

    Have a great day ~ FlowerLady

  6. Julia is so talented I admire the ability ti draw and create that she has. It's great that she still has a piece of her 'baby art'. Your blanket is a stunner I just love it and I agree all are banned from snagging this beauty!

  7. Creativity at its best! The blanket is simply gorgeous, and the bird art is so charming. A delight to read this post on this cold, overcast day!

  8. WOW! the blanket is fabulous and Julia has such talent...lovely wren!

  9. You ladies are both artists! I especially like drawings of birds so the wren really appeals to me. I wish I could get my daughter to do some drawings for me to frame. Your blanket is a visual delight and the border is perfect. I bet that makes your heart happy every time you look at it.

  10. Such an artistic lot! Not only am I impressed with the beauty/happiness of your blanket, I'm really impressed it came out square! I made a big colorful ripple blanket (a la Attic24's directions), but my tension changed as I went along, so it is lopsided. I don't mind because usually you wrap up in it and can't notice, but it tells me my skills have a ways to go.

  11. You have a houseful of artistic wonderment. Julia amazes me with her talent...that girl is gifted. And your stripey blanket is gorgeous. The colors make me happy!

    And sorry I've not commented in awhile. I can't get Feedly to work for me, unless I one-by-one put in each blog address. Thinking of an alternative.

    And congrats on your husband's weight loss. Nine months He's been handsome in each and every photo (past and now), but know he feels better. He should be incredibly proud. Quite an accomplishment for him (you too!). :)

  12. Love your stripey blanket, I am thinking of doing one myself. I was wondering how many foundation chains you started with, also what the final measurements are?


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