Saturday, March 15, 2014

Good-bye Until Summer

I'm in the North Carolina mountains for a few days. I've come to gather a few possessions that still reside in my parents' basement, and to spend a few precious days with my two college kids.
This was last night's sunset.
Palest pink looking east ~
Julia and Anna painted last night. Julia helped Anna with some items for her trip to China this summer.
Julia and Peter played lots of chess -- they both enjoy it. Here, it appears Julia slew her brother. Peter's in a sling because he broke his shoulder while riding his longboard at college.
My mother and Peter share the same birthday on Monday. This is their cake. Peter wanted a vanilla cake, and I wanted chocolate icing. But he didn't want chocolate, so I made a whipped cream icing with strawberries on one side.
Too many candles!
The birthday girl and boy :) Aren't they adorable. I ought to find and post the first picture of these two, when he was only minutes old. I'm sure it's buried in an album somewhere.
This is a millisecond before a billow of smoke came at me ...
I'm sure it'll be another lovely sunset tonight. Peter has left to return to college. He'll finish up this semester in the blink of an eye and come out to Oriental with us for the summer sometime in mid-May. That made it easier to say good-bye to my handsome boy.


  1. Looks like a wonderful couple of days. Gorgeous pictures and good memories- perfect.:) Lori

  2. Beautiful pictures, MK. My son was home last week from college, too. Wonderful to see them! Looks like you all had a great time.

  3. That looks like a fun visit. I'm sorry to hear about your sons arm. Ouch. You mom is cute.

  4. A perfect way to spend a few days. How lovely! How blessed y'all are!


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