Friday, March 7, 2014

Enjoying the Cast-Offs

Adam is on Cloud Nine today. We went shopping yesterday for clothes -- smaller clothes -- and at last he has shorts that don't look like skirts! Here he is, sporting his 38" shorts, and his shirt, size LARGE. I don't even remember when Adam didn't wear an X-large shirt.
 I told him he tends to stick his tummy out when I say, "Stand up straight." Haha!! He says he's feeling downright dapper :)
 Here's the "before" photo, nine months ago, the week our lives changed significantly. That was 60 lbs. ago, for him.
 I'm proud of him. And I love his new look!
 Since he'll be in these "new" clothes only temporarily (until he loses yet more weight), we shopped at Goodwill. Shorts were $1.39 each. While he shopped, Julia and I had a lark in the shoe department there. I found these crazy sandals. I rather liked them. I put them on and enjoyed them about five minutes, which was all I really needed. I know full well that I have about 8 pair of sandals already that I love, and my heart has no room for more! So I put them back on the shelf.
Julia had another creative brainstorm. She loves the peeling-paint, "shabby chic" look. She remembered we have a old dinghy, rotted and falling apart, in the garage, ready for the burn pile. But the back of the dinghy was still in one piece. She wanted it for the headboard on her bed.
She kept the distressed look, but checked online to find ideas about how to paint it. She liked the birds-on-a-telephone-wire idea.

She's not done yet; she wants more birds on more wires. And it won't work as a headboard, we think. But she'll put it in her room somewhere, that's for sure!
There's a reason I offer you no outdoor photos ... sigh. The weather is awful. Cold. Windy. (As in, gale force and river warnings) Wet. Miserable. Tomorrow should be sunny and 60ยบ. Here's hoping!


  1. Adam is lookin' good! So hard to make this transformation, but he's doing it! Love the shabby chic piece!

  2. 60lbs in 9 months is amazing. The difference really shows and I bet your hubby feels better for it.

  3. Wow, Adam's done really well!!! What happened that changed your lives?

    Julia is so clever!!!! What a,super idea! Can she do my bedroom too please? X

  4. Yay for slim Adam! The birds are darling! So crafty!

  5. Well done Adam!! You are a star. And your heart will say "thank you". ;-)

  6. Thank you, friends! Adam does feel better, sleeps better, his joints don't hurt -- lots of changes. Kezzie, Adam got a diagnosis of life-threatening high blood pressure, and had to make immediate changes in diet and medication. His doctor is very pleased with him :)

  7. Congrats to Adam, he looks great and I'm sure feels a lot better. It's good to hear his dr. is pleased with him.

    What a great way to use that old dinghy. Your daughter is very creative.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  8. Very nice! I love shopping the thrift store for good finds. Those shorts look new to me and Adam is looking very spiffy. That is a wonderful accomplishment. Hope the weather gets better. It is gray here and cooler again. Blah. Spring, where are you?

  9. Wow. A great before and after story! Congratulations to your husband! (I know all about the Goodwill --- I call it GW Fashions, and I am an avid shopper there. It takes awhile to get through the not-so-nice stuff, but it's worth it. The other day I purchased 3 books for 99 cents apiece. Fun.)

  10. Julia's non-headboard is brilliant. Sorry about your blustery weather. :-(

  11. What a great transformation for Adam. He looks 10 years younger too! Love the shoes you found. You should have kept them. And the dinghy birds -- cute!

  12. Congratulations to your husband! well done! and I love the new headboard your daughter is painting. Great idea with the birds on a wire. It looks great.


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