Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Daffodil Day

The daffies are at their peak now. From various points around Oriental, here are the stars:
This patch is beside Marsha's Cottage.

This bunch is just down the street from our house.
Not daffodils, of course, but these lily-of-the-valley were a pleasant sight near Deaton's Yachts.
In front of the Women's Club daffodils fill a large shaded bed.
This burst of brightness is on the road to Whittaker Point.
A house along Whittaker Point Rd. has a long bed of daffies for anyone driving by.
And on Gilgo Road ...
And Ragan Road ...
This is the best forsythia yet. They're not quite at full bloom, but give them a week!
Our neighbor has a brilliant Japanese magnolia, and we were thrilled it wasn't damaged by the recent frosts.
Doesn't that blue and pink just shout, "It's Spring! Wake up!"
This neighbor is such an excellent gardener. She has an adorable shed.
Perhaps appropriately, this tree stands in the town cemetery.
So very dead, so very ugly. So austere, but against the pellucid sky it retains some strange beauty, a sense of movement and stiff poise. It possesses the aged grace of an elderly woman wrapping her shawl around her thin shoulders and trying with a shred of nobility to remember her past beauty.


  1. Oh how beautiful and your words at the end. SO evocative. And thank you, thank you for the kind and considerae comment Christmas yesterday! My inbox was full of dear MK!!! xx

  2. I enjoyed your flower photos so much, and that tree in the cemetery is beautiful, too. I've always loved bare winter trees, especially the oaks. What a lovey post! I enjoy "visiting" your town over cyberspace!

  3. Oh, I love the dafs! We won't have ours for quite some time yet, so thank you for sharing such lovely bunches!

  4. Spring has sprung in Oriental! The daffys are sunshine in a flower and just so incredibly beautiful. You seem to have a great quantity and variety growing there in your town. Very lovely.

  5. Thank you for sharing these daff pictures. I wish I could grow them down here, but alas, they will not grow down here. You can buy pots of them in the grocery store and then toss them but that's not my style.

    The photo and words at the end were thought provoking. I love seeing trees like that as they do still have a certain beauty.

    Have a wonderful day ~ FlowerLady

  6. Love your new header. the daffodils are beautiful! We just had 6 more inches of snow here!! 3 more inches, and we'll break the all-time record set back in 1880!! And love those lilies of the valley, my favorite!

  7. What a cheery post filled with the lovely colors of spring. Our daffodils are starting to bloom here. Of course the new bulbs are just peeking out of the ground but in a couple of weeks they should be blooming.


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