Monday, March 3, 2014

Sunday. Sunset.

Sunday was such a day -- warm(ish), sunny, lovely. At last, the hibernating Oriental residents stumbled out of their winter caves, stretched and squinted, and moseyed to the water's edge like obedient lemmings. I saw the first people fishing on the pier this year.
Far away, over the pier railing, sailboats bobbed happily on the river.
I sometimes bemoan that you, dear reader, cannot see the river as I do. So here are two short videos. The first one shows the dappled blue/beige/brown/gray water beside the pier. I wanted you to hear the lapping of little waves, but just as I started recording, the people seated near me started chatting. Oh well.
The second video above is a slow panorama of the river, taken from Lou Mac Park. Hopefully it'll give you a glimpse of how stunning, broad, and beautiful our river is.
Just at sunset Adam asked if I wanted a walk, and as we turned down our road I realized I was missing a spectacular photography opportunity. I hoofed it as fast as I could toward the wildlife ramp before the colors faded as the sun slipped away. This shot was irresistible along the way ~
By the time I reached the road's end, the color was much faded. The dark cloud on the left was a brilliant, mottled pink/orange just a minute before.

See the texture on it?
This is the Oriental Inn and Marina, a popular destination for sailors and cruisers, and you can see why it's rather attractive -- the tall pines, the welcoming lights twinkling, the docks ready to park your boat. This building just yells across the water, "Come in! Hot showers! Tiki Bar! Warm food at the Toucan Grill! A soft bed that doesn't pitch beneath you in a gale!"
We're having a sleety wintery mix tonight (low is 28º), and then rain and cold temps all week long. Sigh. Isn't winter tired of this yet?


  1. You really live in such a gorgeous place. What a blessing!

  2. Yes, winter must be tired by now; I'm surely tired of it, too! Wasn't it beautiful yesterday? We've had rain and sleet and snow today---- and cold! We've got a lovely fire in our woodstove. Soapstone has wonderful radiant heat, so it's cozy. Y'all stay warm there. We're doing just that here!

  3. Thank you for this peaceful post with lovely photos and the lapping of water on the shore. Very nice!

    Have a great day ~ FlowerLady

  4. Lovely pictures. You live in a beautiful area. I love the colors of the sunset. It's 18 here, more snow coming tomorrow, and 2 feet of snow still on north side of house!! Yikes.

  5. It's so lovely being near the water!! Love your photos!x

  6. Loved your pictures, M.K. Makes me want to move- today! We got snowed in one last time much to my delight.:) It's starting to melt now but it was fun while it lasted. Sitting by the fire....:) Lori


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