Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Little Better Every Day

Recovery from severe injury is a slow process. Here's a great picture of Adam today, doing computer work, with a doggie on his lap. He looks almost normal.
But just being up for an hour, sitting in the wheelchair, is enough to wear him totally out. He is exhausted and has to go lie down in bed. Visiting, talking, or doing anything at all adds to the weariness. But he loves people to drop by, because he's so bored! Ah well. I have to act as his stern nurse and remind him he must rest.
I went on two bike rides today. The exercise and fresh air are a tonic, and there's time while Adam is sleeping, which he does a lot. At this point we have so many things in bloom that I can't name them all. Daffodils are almost spent; their season was long this year, thanks to the cool temps. Creamy dogwoods are beginning, and bright azaleas are bursting, and elegant purple wisteria is dangling in the trees.

I love the shape of dogwood blossoms.
The biggest blessing by far today came in the form of four men and some wood. Shane is a member of our church, and a contractor, and he and his gang came to our house and built a ramp for Adam. They were blazing fast -- amazing! I love to watch people do the thing that they are truly skilled and gifted at.
It's beautiful and will be a lifeline for Adam for months to come. As I said, his recovery will be long -- 3-6 weeks of no bending his knee at all, to allow the tendon to heal completely. Then, no weight on the leg at all until early/mid-July. That's a long time to be using a walker/wheelchair/crutches.
He's so ready to be very active again ... in his mind. But his body is so not up to it yet. Bless him. I'm hoping night after night of good rest will perk him back up. His body is working in overdrive, repairing all the stuff in that leg that was broken in an instant -- rerouting blood supply, building new bone, repairing nerves and capillaries and all manner of things ... can you tell I don't know what I'm talking about? I'm glad God and the doctors know. I'm thankful for that!


  1. I've been praying for your church to be a blessing, and I can see that they have been. That brings me joy. :)

  2. Love, prayers and hugs for you both. Lovely picture of Adam & your little pooch!

  3. How wonderful to have that ramp!

    The blooms are all beautiful!

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  4. The ramp is such a blessing! A crew of guys came to our house and did that last summer. What a good bunch they were! It will make all the difference in getting him out and about! Glad the healing has begun and that he has a good stern nurse to look after him! :) Enjoy those flowers!

  5. Wow you do have a lot of wonderful blooming trees already. The dogwoods here are just starting to bloom and I noticed that my Mini Rhodie is about to bloom.
    It's great you got out and enjoyed the fresh air and all that beauty. How fantastic of your church members to build that ramp for Adam. It's good he's up and about a little but I do understand about being bored after surgery like that so I feel for him.

  6. Spring and new beginnings and bountiful blessings --- that ramp is surely a lovely gift for this time of recovery. Have a happy day, M.K.!!!

  7. Lovely flowers and what a great thing...a ramp! And it is pretty, too.


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