Thursday, April 24, 2014

Cuteness in Oriental

After that long, frigid winter, I think now we can officially say spring is here in all her glory. Pink blooms peeking through a white picket fence is cute!!
Some of our hardwood trees were hesitant to participate, afraid they'd get knocked back by one last freezing night. Even they are now convinced. The azaleas are happy!
We have the best across-the-street neighbor. She's a True Yard Lady, which means we always have something nice to look at. Her little home exudes cuteness and tidiness. She recently painted those shutters yellow, just in time for spring.
I know you can't tell, but this sycamore tree down the road is such a beautiful specimen! It's mottled white trunk shines, its crinkly branches in sharp relief against the pellucid sky, and now its leaves a glimmer of lime green.

Adam and I went for a stroll yesterday evening. It was his birthday, a rather low-key birthday. He hasn't been sleeping well with his leg in a brace, and he's just plain tired. He's used to sleeping very well every night (a phenomenon I can't even begin to wish for!), so this is difficult for him.
We passed the local sea monster. Oh ... didn't I mention that we have sea monsters in our yards?
Down at the Wildlife Ramp, a young man on a sunfish was just coming in.
He loaded his sunfish onto a little trailer all by himself and proceeded to haul it down the street to wherever his vehicle is parked. In Oriental, it's not unusual to see a person pulling a boat down the street.
We enjoyed sunset on the water.
I'll end with this tiny car. It's not a Thing (a funky car from my teen years). It's not a golf cart, I don't think. Don't know what it is ... but it's cuteness!
And its owners know the right spirit for such a car, in such a boat yard, in such a fun-loving town.
Yee Haa!


  1. Your azaleas are purely gorgeous and wonderful through the picket fence! Thank you for the lovely pictures through your neighborhood. The funky car is pure joy! Having a fun giveaway on my blog that ends at midnight tonight so hurry over!:) Lori

  2. Cute! :)
    My little granddaughter, Hazel, just learned to say "Yee haa!" when she looks out the window and sees the horses in the pasture, lol!

  3. Love those pink blossoms through white fence. And that cute house too! What a fun town you live in.

  4. Happy Spring and Happy Belated birthday greetings to Adam. I hope he will soon be back to normal. How long does he have to be in the cast? My arm was in a cast for 9 -11 weeks and I hated it. It was so wonderful when it was cut off.

    I love your neighbor's cute house and gardens.

    Have a great day ~ FlowerLady

  5. Wonderful post. The Azalea is gorgeous and so is your neighbor's yard. Those cheery yellow shutters are so cute. Happy (belated) birthday Adam. It was good you got out & about. Praying that sleep will come again. Nothing like insomnia when you are laid up. Loved the sun flare shot.

  6. White picket fences are beautiful but add hot pink blooms and WOWZERS! You live in a great place. Sorry about Adam's lack of sleep. I hope that remedies itself soon.


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