Tuesday, April 8, 2014

In Which I Do Something Rather Clever

Adam called this morning to say that the physical therapy girls had been to visit him, and pronounced him in good shape. He needs equipment, which we're borrowing. He's doing exercises. They think he'll do great at home. But he needs clothes to exercise in. Specifically, he needs a pair of short pants that snap up the leg (athletic type), that will go over his big, padded knee immobilizer. And I thought, "I could shop for hours to find such a thing, and still pay $40 for a pair. Sheesh!"
And then I thought, "But can I make a pair?"
So I did!
I took an old pair of shorts that were too big for him (after all that weight loss, y'know). And I cut them straight up the entire left side from the cuff to the waist.
I had a long strip of wide velcro, so I sewed one part of it to one side of the raw edge.
And I sewed the other part to the other edge. It's not "finished" looking, nor pretty, but it's just meant to be serviceable during therapy. And these shorts open WIDE ; he won't have to put his bad leg through anything at all. See how they close up? You'd hardly know they were cut apart.
That took about ten minutes this morning, and I must say ... I was mighty proud of myself! I don't know how happy Adam is to be seen in such a contraption, but he can't do much about it, right? Ha!
Adam helps Julia with a little algebra.
On another note, here's some yarn I found in Brevard recently at a thrift store. It's linen/cotton, very nice. The original price was $3 per skein. They'd put seven skeins in a bag, for a total cost of $7.50. Wow!
I snatched it up to take home, and Julia and Anna both said, "Mom! That's boring yarn, a really boring color. Don't buy it." But then my mother said to me, "If you make a shawl out of that yarn, I'll buy it from you." Ha! So much for teenage taste!
I've been working on it slowly, among other projects. It's knitted on size 15 needles.
A lady at the market on Saturday liked my crocheted market bags, but she didn't like the color. She wanted three market bags in a "neon lime green." I told her I'd try! If I could find the yarn, I'd let her know.
Well! I found it! In the same "Sugar 'n' Cream" brand that makes my usual cotton yarn for market bags.
I finished one bag, a rather large one, and have started on the second one. I work it from the base up.
And this morning I cut into that loaf of bread I made and discovered lovely air bubbles. Adam says that's a sign of a good loaf.


  1. Well, I'd say you aren't just clever --- you're RESOURCEFULLY clever! A fun post. Your beloved hubby is surely a good sport. He has the joy of the Lord all over him, and it spills all over others, too. Cool. Hallelujah!

  2. Great bargain!! I like the colour too,would make a nice jumper! Well done on that green Wool! But tge best is the shorts-so clever!!! X

  3. You're so clever! And that IS satisfying to adapt clothing for "special needs". We cut up many garments, shirts and pants, putting in velcro and snaps to accommodate son-in-law Michael's changing needs over the course of his partial recovery from Guillain-Barre Syndrome. Even now, as a functional quad who is wheelchair-bound but teaches a full load of college courses each day, he daily dons dress khakis that have the seat cut out of them with breathable, stretchy, thin knit fabric sewn into the seat area, because the hard fabric seams/pockets were too painful for him to sit on all day. These "adapted" garments are available at medical supply places, but cost two or three times what regular garments do. So...kudos to you!

  4. That's one successful day, M.K.! Good for you! The shawls are going to be gorgeous- stunning! Lori

  5. Such talents! I think the Velcroed shorts are so clever! Wishing I could knit or crochet. Sounds like people are knocking your door down to buy some of your creations. Fun! Also, congrats on the successful loaf of bread. You've been one busy gal. Praying for continued excitement-free healing for Adam. :)

  6. Your day looked up and that's all good. Adam will appreciate your efforts because it means less effort and pain for him. Love the pison green; one of my favorite colors and your bread looks wonderful. Well done, Mary Katherine.

  7. A great and useful way to recycle an old pair of shorts. I love it when things are saved, not to mention the $40 you saved at the same time.

  8. Wow, MK you did a great job on those shorts and I know Adam will be appreciative. You made them for him with love and you saved $. Good job!!!

    That shawl for your Mom is lovely made from that yarn, a nice shawl for summer.

    That lime green is bright isn't it. I think It's neat that you are making market bags and selling them.

    Your bread looks delicious.

    Hope Adam is able to come home very soon.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  9. Look at you go, cheerful girl! I think market bags will be a big boon at the market! Yes!
    Way to go on the shorts, Smarty! Any idea when the surgery will be?
    I was so glad when Bill didn't have to do the TED stockings any more. They are so hard to get on after a shower.
    I like the bargain yarn! I bet your mama will adore that shawl. I'm all about shawls. When I go into yarn stores I am completely overwhelmed, but I should focus my hunt on shawl yarn, soft and cozy.

  10. Very clever! And I like the neon green, but boring yarn makes great things that are versatile to wear. I love the looks of the shawl very much...so feminine. Glad Adam is doing so well!


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