Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Healing, Growing, Flourishing

Adam's feeling so much better than he asked me to take him to his "office" yesterday, also-known-as Lou Mac Park. He sits there when the weather is fine and meets people coming and going -- visitors or neighbors or tourists or whoever. He chats with them all, and he studies his sermons and lessons.
So I dropped him off for a couple of hours with Sandy for company.
Then this morning he decided he'd get up on crutches and mix a batch of his bread.
Don't worry; he's not putting any weight on that foot.
You know what love looks like? It looks like about 15 get-well cards, coming in the mail.
On the way back from the park, I noticed a few plastic pots by somebody's trash can, so I stopped. I need more pots for the tomato plants I'd bought. I asked the kind couple, who were working in their yard, if I could take the pots away. They were happy for me to ... and they offered me more nice pots, and then gave me two tomato plants, three cucumber plants, a massive clump of pretty mint, and a little volunteer crepe myrtle. Wow! What sweet people!
What a joy to find such kindness in strangers. We exchanged names, and now they're neighbors and friends :)
That's the mint up there, in one of the pots they gave me.
And this is a pretty pot of geraniums, given by a friend. I love the bright red.
This morning and tomorrow morning, Julia is taking her yearly standardized testing. We use a simple CAT test -- easy and quick. She doesn't need the test, and I certainly don't need it in order to know how she's doing. I teach her every day. But the state requires it, so we do it.
She's been sketching again, leaning toward realism that can seem like a photograph. I showed her this remarkable website full of art, as a little inspiration. But she'd drawn this "old geezer" already.
She insists she won't be majoring in art because she can't make a living in it, but I think it's sad that someone this talented (as is true for many people in many areas) can't feel safe studying what they love and are gifted in.
I'm sure she'll always do art. But how I'd love for her to pursue it and achieve the highest level of excellence possible for her. I'd love to see how far she could go.
We're off to Bible study tonight, and a Christian Seder supper Thursday night. Adam will be busy!


  1. How wonderful to read of all these blessings! I'd say y'all are flourishing! That's what the Lord intended. Have a WONDERFUL evening, and look for even more fulfillment of His promises for you!

  2. Glad to see all the latest! I love the free plants. We are sticking in lettuce, cabbage, and snapdragons gifted to us!

  3. What a wonderful day! Your husband certainly is coming along! Good for him! Using his time wisely and resting, too. It's not easy recuperating. And what nice people to share their pots and plants! Of course, they wouldn't have shared if you were a grumpalump. ;) They saw what a beautiful person you are, M.K., Inside and out. :) Lori

  4. I'm worried he is going to loose his balance. I would feel better if he were in a bubble. Be careful! Julia's art is wonderful!

  5. Your daughter is very talented. I always regret not studying art. I was good at it but my parents had the same view as your daughter and stopped me. I wonder why I listened to them now. I enjoyed the career I chose, but always wonder what else I could have done.

  6. Brilliant sketch! its also good to see that Adam is feeling well enough to mix a batch of bread, and go to the "office"

  7. God's blessings and mercies are new every day. What a wonderful office Adam has! It's good to see him up and making bread. Bless his heart!

    How sweet of that couple to give you not only pots but plants as well.

    Have a wonderful Easter ~ FlowerLady

  8. Ah yes, I remember giving my kids the CAT. Sometimes we did it with our homeschool group, sometimes solo. Gotta keep the state happy! Your daughter is so talented! Maybe she can minor in art? I'm still hoping to figure out how to bring in some revenue with art, but I kind of hate to spoil the enjoyment by making a business of it. Still thinking...
    Adam is doing so well! When they start to bake bread it's a good sign! Glad he's getting out of doors.
    Such nice neighbors and now good friends. Makes me want to get out and meet my neighbors. (It's about time. I've lived here for 25+years!)
    Blessings on your household!

  9. Julia is amazingly talented and I understand what you mean. I have a son in his 40's now who is a gifted musician but felt probably rightly that he could not support himself or his family making music. The good news is that he still makes music every day, has a recording studio in his home and plays in a band on weekends so talent will find a way to express itself. I had to laugh to myself seeing Adam in the park, good thing you figured out that pant thing as a pantless preacher might cause a scandal in your small town ;)

  10. It's nice that Adam got to be out & about and enjoy the beauty around him. How wonderful that you made new friends and they were so generous with the gifts of pots and plants. Wow the art work is amazing.


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