Saturday, April 5, 2014

Update on the Sicky

Guess Who spent most of the day sitting in a real chair?
Oh yeah! In spite of the pain, Adam "manned it up," as they say, and got into a chair with his leg elevated. Sitting in a chair felt nice, he said. He and I both are feeling encouraged about his coming home, and our ability to get him around. He's not there yet, but he can see how it's possible, at least.
His surgery is scheduled for 7:30 AM tomorrow - yay! They will be pinning the bone fragments back together. Apparently there's one significant fracture, a large one, and then the top of the tibia is just "corn flakes," as the P.A. called it -- shatterings of bone.
She was very helpful and offered to show us the x-rays of the leg from the first day.
This is the view from the front. It means little to me. The large fracture is a diagonal one, but you can't see it here really. The bandages are showing too, which doesn't help, but the fine gray shadows meant a lot to her trained eye.
In this one, you can see the displaced knee cap which sprang upward when the tendon was severed. It's shaped a bit like a marshmallow on the front of the upper knee, and should be lower. The tendon has already been sewn back together, so I suppose that will fix the cap back into place.  Again, some of the "lacy" looking stuff in the x-ray is dressing on the wound.
I've spent some time in the hospital cafeteria. It's boring there, alone, so one tends to read the cards placed on the tables for bored eaters to read. This one caught my eye and caused my English Teacher Heart to shiver.
Doesn't anybody with an education edit these things before they're printed? I mean ... really!
In a twist of irony, this weekend in Oriental is the annual CycleNC bike ride (not a race) in the county. 1100 bicyclist from all over arrive here to ride our backroads unmolested by logging trucks. Hopefully.
Speaking of wheels, here's a darling ride that came pedaling to the farmers market this morning. What leisure!
Yes, I did. I did go to the market and sell my wares. I needed a few hours of something that felt normal, with friends.
Our friend Skip drove by in his dune buggy contraption.
Skip is a true craftsman, a woodworker who made the large wooden features on the L.L. Bean flagship store in Freeport, Maine. If you've been there and seen the front doors, the stairwell in the middle, and other parts of the store like that, you know what I mean.
This fellow often noises his way around the village in this red flare of impressiveness:

And, inexplicably, we had one of these in town today too.
We regularly have tandem bikes; they're nothing to bat an eye at. But today we had a bike with three seats -- a daddy, a mommy, and a little boy. It was adorable.
I'll update you tomorrow on how surgery went. Prayers are appreciated. Tonight I sat by Adam's bed with my hand on his knee (gingerly) and prayed many things silently about it, but ended with the request that God use Adam's knee and its brokenness for His kingdom and His work. That was a satisfying prayer. I know it is His will too.


  1. I'm also feeling grateful these days for our amazing modern medical care. God bless all the patient Christiansens. (Could you update my blog in your sidebar? If you don't, it will read the same forevermore...)

  2. Glad to see Adam sitting up, and know how good that feels to him.

    God will most definitely work through Adam's broken knee and recovery for His honor and glory. He will use you also as you care for Adam and take care of things.

    It is 7:16 right now and Adam is about ready to go into surgery. God's blessings on the surgeon and team as they pin Adam together.

    Love, hugs and prayers ~ FlowerLady

  3. Woke up and checked the blogworld. Just so happen to be reading your blog at the time of Adam's scheduled surgery. Praying today!

  4. Your last sentences bring tears to my eyes. Very sweet for sure. Understand your need for normal's grounding.

  5. Hi MK!
    Praying for you guys. Wow, it is a lot to deal with and I'm glad you are strong and courageous.

  6. Hey, sweetie, I know this is not what we had in mind for Adam... Can't wait to see what our wise Father is doing with this predicament! We'll be praying that Adam will not be in much pain and that the surgeries go well. Love,

  7. I hope all goes well with Adam's surgery and glad you got to go to market this weekend from some R&R of your own. We have a guy in our 'hood who rides a segway around. Don't get it but he looks like he is having fun. I like that ride in front bike. I'm going to send that pix to my husband. :)

  8. Chair sitting is a very good thing and glad you were able to get to the market. Can't remember what that last photo traveling thingamabob is called but Dave said they were great fun to ride.He looks very gay, one hand in pocket, carelessly tooling along. Me, I'd have a death grip with both hands!

  9. Aaaargh! I know what you mean about the grammar errors. They make me nuts, too. I enjoyed seeing your Healed One of the Lord sitting up! God's goodness radiates from him.

  10. M.K.- Oh my goodness! We just returned from a trip out of the country and it appears that I have lots to catch up on. Your poor husband! I'll be praying for you both, sweetie. Surgery is never fun, but so good to know that God is always in control. Lori

  11. So sorry you're going through this. I will pray the surgery goes well! (it's/its is one of my biggest beefs as well!)

  12. Thanks for the update on Adam. I do hope the surgery went well. Looks like a nasty break.


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