Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Progressing Along

Spring is moving along into summer. The azaleas are passing.

I noticed this unusual tree while bike riding.
It's sweetly aromatic.
I have no idea what it's called. It looks like puffy clouds.
The irises are glowing in sunlight.
 Geraniums are bold and happy by the marina.
I'm making market bags in different colors now -- here's a red one, and I've made a cream one too.
It's good to grow and vary one's goods.
It's the same cotton yarn I use for washcloths and soap pouches.
Julia's art education is progressing nicely. She's learned so much in her weekly art class with the "old people." She enjoys their company, and they encourage her so sweetly. She's wanted to improve her portrait painting skills, so she tried a version of John Singer Sargent's "Madame X."
 I like the face -- not a beautiful woman necessarily, but a real one. I mean that you can read her expression, her attitude, in her face.
Here's the face portion of Sargent's portrait of the famous Parisian woman:
Adam's making progress in is recovery also. He's up on crutches now, trying to do without his walker or wheelchair unless he really needs them. For the first time today he successfully got into the shower (in a chair) and bathed himself. He says you don't realize how nice moisture is on the skin until you have to do without it for a few weeks! Baby wipes get old, and having your hair washed in a basin or sink. His physical therapy visit yesterday was encouraging and helpful; he learned more exercises to do to help strength and mobility, and he bent his knee 30ยบ -- not much, but a start. The doctor's order is to be very cautious because the injury was severe.


  1. Pretty photos. Isn't it too bad that the azaleas don't bloom all season? Cute market bags. Glad Adam is doing well and that y'all are seeing the healing power of God all over him! Sending blessings on this rainy day here in Oxford!

  2. Beautiful! I love Julia's painting. That is really exotic and interesting. I love a good soaking shower so I know I would not be a happy camper with baby wipes (and I do not like the way most of them smell). Glad he was able to get one. Be careful!!!

  3. So glad Adam is doing well and I am loving the beautiful blooms. Julia is very talented- that's a great painting!x

  4. I believe your aromatic tree to be a form of night blooming jasmine. Here's a link to the different varieties.

  5. Thank you, Ellyn -- I think you're right. I didn't know there were so many types. The blooms never open into anything larger or more flower-like than what you see above. But you're right about the aroma -- really smells like jasmine.

    Thanks, ladies!

  6. I had a shoulder operation a few years back now, and boy do I know how Adam feels about that shower! Good to hear he is mending.
    Julia's portrait is splendid. Good on her for enjoying the "oldies"

  7. Yay for Julia's art - always good!
    I'm so glad that Adam's being careful. It's hard.
    Your market bags are glorious! I like your market, hearing about it and seeing your wares.

  8. Southern speak for that tree is Grandfather's Beard :)

  9. Wonderful painting, Julia! Proud of you!
    So glad that Adam is beginning to bend his knee and the shower sounds pretty glorious, eh?
    I am sorely tempted to take up crocheting. Your market wares look like so much fun to make.
    Such beautiful flowers all around you. We're still in the 30's with cold rain. No blooms here, but still hoping!
    God bless!

  10. I do love those market bags. Do you use one like that for your own purchases? They remind me of the "belim" that our son brought home from Papua New Guinea, a net type of bag that the people there use to carry everything. Maybe I'll take a picture to show you.

  11. My DD is making similar market bags. I always like to hear about what you're doing with your market business. Love Julia's work, and I'm glad to hear Adam is progressing.

  12. Progress on all fronts that is great! Spring blooms, a lovely painting, market bags in bright cheery colors and Adam doing better.


  13. Oh the Azalea's are wonderful. Some are gone here but some are just beginning to bloom. Julia did a great job with her portrait.
    Good to hear Adam is getting up and about.

  14. PROGRESS! Gotta love how good a shower feels!!


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