Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Birthday Girl Goes to China

Anna, our most delicate child, is yet again doing something big and bold. When she was a newborn, she lost weight and failed to thrive. But she made up for it later with spunk and discipline.
She was tiny -- way underneath the charts, but she never gave up. She didn't walk until she was 20 months. We held her back a year because she hadn't done 2nd grade math even in 3rd grade. We wondered, "What will she become? What will she be able to do?"
And she never disappointed! She learned to work hard to compensate for every shortfall. She cried but picked herself back up after every setback. She took ballet and played volleyball, and didn't quit. She did college algebra (!!) and developed such amazing study skills that she's flourishing at college.
She's grown into a beautiful young woman who loves Jesus and loves being involved in His kingdom on this earth. Today's her birthday. And this summer she's following her dream and God's call on her life, and going to China.
God is doing astounding things in China, and I wish that more Americans were as aware of what's happening spiritually in China, as what's happening economically or culturally. The Christian church is bursting at the seams, growing exponentially there. Some groups who study the numbers say that there are as many as 100 million Christians in China now.
As part of her course work, Anna will be an intern in China for six weeks this summer as a teacher. She'll be teaching English to adults there, middle and high school teachers. She's been training this year, teaching ESL locally near her college. Cross-Cultural Studies is her major. She's always longed to go to Asia to teach. She's so ready to go! We're proud of her enthusiasm, her love, her dedication.
I know some of you have a deep love for missions and want to know about her trip, and I'll be updating about it this summer. Also, if you want to be really involved and donate toward the cost of this trip, here's a link to ELIC, English Language Institute, China. You enter Anna's last name (Christiansen) and her teacher code, which is C630. You can give online. It's tax-deductible too. And hopefully, with all of our prayers and help, we will be launching a new ambassador for Jesus's kingdom off into the world, for a lifetime!
If you're interested in what God is doing in China, here are some links about the growth of the church there. The Chinese church needs trained leaders with access to theology and English language materials.
Asia Harvest's table of Christians in China.
The Telegraph -- Chinese Christians defend their churches
Christian Post -- more on church growth
Gospel Herald -- recent converts

Anna, we love you so much, and pray for God's blessing in your life as you share his love and your gifts with those across the globe!


  1. Wow! Bravo to Anna! I read an amazing book about the Christian church in China (not the government run one though obviously) by Brother Yun called 'The heavenly man' and it was amazing what is going on there!x

  2. This was wonderful to read about the character and beauty of your Anna. I happen to love that name and have my own Anna. Many blessings to her on her trip and achieving her goals. -Leslie

  3. Happy Birthday Anna! - She sounds like a wonderful young woman & a beautiful Christian. I will pray for her journey to China .

  4. What a beautiful young woman, inside and out! May she be a blessing to others in China! (Hope your husband is recovering well.) Happy Easter M.K.!

  5. What a wonderful young woman with big heart for God. Wishing her all the best.

  6. Just think --- the Lord had this in mind all along! How thrilling to have her dreams (and the Lord's!) fulfilled. Blessings all over the place.


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