Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Astronomy 101

Adam and his astronomy class met at the water just before sunset.
Thankfully the wind was still, the air wasn't frigid, and the sky was mostly clear. Clear enough to see some sights.
We huddled around, hands cupped around binoculars instead of mugs of hot beverage, cameras clicking, peering fixedly at the dwindling sky.
Two of the three things we came to see: the 32-hour-old moon (right) and Venus (left):

I love the rippling effect of light wind on water. It's mesmerizing to behold. The sky and water color were stunning -- not pink, not orange, not purple, not red, but somehow a combination of them all, a warm rosiness.
In this shot, the moon and Venus, and (I think) Venus's reflection in the water, with my phone camera! We waited until Mercury appeared also, below the moon and to the left, but I never could see it with the naked eye. Several people could, including Julia.
Adam also pointed out a satellite, plus many other points of interest in the sky. It will be a good class.


  1. Oh what fun! I love Astronomy. I'm wondering Adam and his class have observed Comet Lovejoy yet? I'm including a link for you. Looks like we may still be able to get a look at the "green comet." I've been trying on and off since Jan. 7th, but never seem to locate it. You should be able to see it with bare eyes or use binoculars. There's a sky map included in the link below. I'm going to try again tonight.

  2. This is so cool. You're married to a real Renaissance Man. :) Seems you can see Jupiter clearly in the eastern sky toward 10pm. It's getting higher and higher. Or course, I could be lying.

  3. What a fun class that would be!

    Great photos. We don't see much down this far south with all sorts of lights from man obstructing the view.

    Have a great day ~ FlowerLady

  4. One time I went to visit friends who lived at that time on a huge property on the border of NSW & QLD. Miles and miles of flat nothingness in all directions. No towns, no people, just flat wheat country. In the evening I went outside, and it was pitch dark except for the lights from their house, and the natural light from moon and stars. When I looked up there was an awesome display of the Milky Way. Thousands upon thousands of stars!! I stood there for ages just staring at this magnificent splendour. I had not seen it before, and haven't seen such a display since. So glad that I had the chance to see that.

  5. Adam is a good teacher like you! I hope his star gazers have a wonderful and full semester!

  6. God's heavens are awesome! I hope you astronomers have a great time! :)


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