Sunday, January 18, 2015

My Husband, the Neurosurgeon

Meet the patient, currently admitted into the E.R., also known as Our Garage. Her name is Fiona.
She needs a new neurological system, an entire nerve transplant, also known as a new wiring harness.
Here's the new donor organ (graciously given by a car that died many years ago) ... errrr, wiring harness, currently lying in Fiona's backseat.
Adam's doing the wiring on the front end of the car mostly, so he had to remove the entire dash first. He's done this before on Fiona because he redid the wood of the dash before, remember? And here?
He did beautiful work on the wood of the dash, and reassembled it perfectly. But that surgery compared to this one is rather like getting plastic surgery compared to  a brain transplant.
Adam jiggles the dash to get it loose:
Here's the crash roll, which he removed first, along with a sheet of paper with all the matching screws taped to it, telling him exactly how to reassemble it.
More jiggling ...
More parts (the back of the radio, I believe?) with screws on paper ...
Poor Fiona and her innards:
It looks scary to me.
This is just the first step in the surgery. His goal is to be finished in a couple of weeks, I think. We do need a second car fairly often, and Fiona is it. The new wiring will make her reliable. As she is now, she tends not to start an inconvenient moments, like in the pouring rain on the side of the road :)
And another update:
Remember how we were concerned about the brick house being moved? Adam wondered how they would keep the brick from cracking and being damaged in the move. Well ...
 They solved that problem!
The took all the brick off! Plus the front porch. This house looks like it might be ready to roll down the road soon. Now we all get to wonder what kind of siding they will put on, once it reaches its new location.


  1. Wow! What a job to fix Fiona.
    Moving houses is an intriguing venture. I hope it survives the trip.
    We need 5 more deos, MK! Do you have them in stock?

  2. It's interesting to watch a house or other building being re-located; I'm always amazed. As to the car...more amazement! Mechanical stuff is beyond my understanding so I am doubly amazed at Mr. A's. abilities.

  3. Adam is so handy! Are men just born knowing this stuff? The car and house both sound like long, complicated projects!

  4. Well, I am truly impressed. Fiona gets new stuff, and Adam gets the credit!

    By the way, my little Kia Soul is named Skippy. I treat my cars like pets.


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