Thursday, January 29, 2015

Where It Belongs

Adam and I drove by the newly-moved house to see it on its new legs. I think it looks very fine, as if it always should have lived there.
They've put temporary lumber stacks underneath until the foundation is built up.
A surveyor put a nail in this tree in the front yard (see the pink flag, nailed into the tree?), indicating the height of the house. The foundation folks will work off a line from there. Not sure what that wooden arrow is for. It had numbers on it too. Perhaps a flood marker from past hurricanes? Let's hope not!
Here's the happy new home-owner. She's cleaning up branches from the house-movers, left in her front yard. She's amazing. I won't tell you hold old she is, but I think perhaps she's older than you'd suppose! This county seems to produce strong, active, sharp older women.
If I think of it, I'll occasionally post pics of the house as it beautifies.


  1. I still find this amazing! It looks like it is balancing on wooden crates. We can't even remove a window here without propping up the whole wall with metal poles.

  2. People who are over a certain age are wonderful and I worry that my own generation and those below won't be like them!x

  3. It sure is beautifully situated among those nice trees and doesn't she look happy! Such fun! I think I would be happy, too.

  4. It does look lovely in it's new location. It will be interesting to watch the progress. Thanks for sharing.

    The lady looks happy and healthy.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  5. It's amazing how they can move homes like that. The owner seems quite fit and well pleased with her new home location.


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