Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Moving House

(I wrote this post last Friday. Today -- Tuesday! -- is the moving day!)
Here's the promised update on the house-moving. In spite of the wind and threatening rain, quite a few Orientalites were watching the event this morning, coming by on bikes or golf carts, or rubber-necking from cars.
Yesterday the movers placed huge piles of wooden beams under the house and began removing the cement block that was holding the house up.
The wheels that will do the moving:
A house in this position looks so precarious! I have to leave the scene and distract myself when my piano is being moved! I can't imagine how I'd feel about a house! But the home-owners, to whom we talked this morning, were cool as cucumbers.
The big blocks of wood were removed from under the house when the hydraulic wheels were put in. Here, a guy on a zippy Bobcat loads the wood on a flat-bed truck for removal.
You can see under the house. Note the little tree in the foreground, carefully manicured for years. I hope they are able to save it. It's right by the driveway, the path the house will take as it departs the property.

On the site where the house will soon be, some men work to remove storage buildings and trailers owned by the Rotary Club, who have stored their stuff here for years. But the house will need to enter the property in the foreground of this photo, to the left of that utility post.
Adam and I went by the house this morning, wondering if today was the day! We'd heard it was Tuesday, but it sure seemed as if they were moving and shaking this morning!
Loaded up -- all cement block and rubble out of the way ~
See the stack of metal sheets in the middle of this photo? The men were scurrying around, placing them like a temporary road for the wheels to creep along, protecting the grass and giving a smoother ride. The block of wood on the left is one that temporarily held up the house. The hydraulic wheels can be adjusted separately to ensure the house remains level.
This is how far they got today -- right up to the end of the driveway. Adam spoke with a man on the crew; on Monday they'll prep the area fully. On Tuesday morning the electric company must come and adjust an overhead line.
As soon as they're done with that, the house will move to its destination. Hopefully, I'll be there to photograph it. Meanwhile, this is a house in limbo.


  1. I think it is quite unnerving to see a house like that. I like to think that mine is firmly rooted to the ground. It is very rare to move a house in the UK, so it always makes big news when it happens...which is often to move it away from flood areas.

  2. This is the coolest. Think of all the history that has been preserved doing this. The church where my daughter is getting married was moved a few years ago and we got to stay in a B&B recently where many of the surrounding cabins had been moved to the property. It has got to cost a pretty penny.


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