Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Twice a Day, for your Health

To keep His children mentally healthy, God gives them something beautiful twice daily, just like medicine. Sunrise for the morning children. Sunset for the evening children.
We five (three humans, two doggies) went for a late walk down our street to the Wildlife Ramp (public access to the water). It was just sunset.
sunset clouds through pecan trees
Julia does a good job of wearing the dogs out with running.
I took a couple of cloud-and-water shots.

Then I walked out to one of the floating docks in Smith Creek. Adam was studying the sky. Tomorrow afternoon he begins his weekly Naked-Eye Astronomy sky-gazing classes with his students. He's teaching the class through the local community college. He was looking for the new moon and Venus and Mercury.
And I saw the river marker -- you can spot it in the middle of this photo, far away.
A pelican was perched atop it.
He was lovely against the sky, a figure in black against striations of cloud and shadow.

He posed for me in spite of barking dogs and squealing girl.
The pretty clouds obscured both the moon and the planets, so we turned to go. The opposite sky lay pink and subdued.
Along the walk home I noticed a flowering quince.
(My macro setting stinks.)
And the very first forsythia -
Our camellia is going gang-busters, of course. It's a winter bloomer.

Not wanting to discourage all of you still basking in your snow and skis and ice. This is just how coastal Carolina is :) Remind me of it in the middle of Mosquito Season!


  1. A very good word.

  2. I wish I could skip along with you guys! It's snowing here right now, softly and beautifully. I do have to go out and run some errands, but it gives me good reason to wear my cute snow boots! Ha!
    love love love (The dogs are so cute and Julia is so FUN!)

  3. Beautiful. I love the peace of days like this.

  4. Such beautiful skies! Oh, for spring. Looks like you are starting to see the beginnings of it.


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