Wednesday, January 14, 2015

One of Those Winter Days

Gray, cold, windy. That's the outside.
Cozy, candled, warm. That's the inside, I'm thankful to say!
We did a bit of schooling today. Julia went to art class. Mostly, I've done this:
Note cozy toes up, in Christmas socks
After I finished the Scrappy Blanket (PomPom's name for it, and I think it's perfect!), I started my second Stripey Blanket, as I said before. It's coming along. I finished the first Catherine Wheel row (well, actually four rows), and now I'm on the first Star Pattern. I had to pull out some because it mysteriously came undone in mid-row. Anna and I were puzzled about how that occurred. But no matter -- one must sometimes pull out and restart in life, n'est ce pas?
Crocheting is one of Beauregard's favorite naptime activity. He's nestled (I wanted to say nustled, but that's not a word, is it?) against my leg.
Somebody else is in her accustomed spot, doing her accustomed things: tea, Kindle, lap robe. Methinks that lap robe may disappear back to North Georgia when she returns to college.
So far, it's only a one-pot kind of day.
Note in the corner Sir Thomas Malory. We've started Le Morte d'Arthur.
I took this photo -- the view in our living room -- so you could see the gray, cold, windy day outside. Instead it looks like bright summer, doesn't it? Ha!
I may be rather sedentary for a good part of January. I don't bike ride on these days, although Adam does. He (crazy man that he is) says that riding into strong wind is the closest thing he can get in this locale to riding on hills. I suppose he's right. I avoid both hills and wind :) In January, I prefer to crochet up hills! Stay warm out there!


  1. I am scared of cycling in the wind! Is that Anna or Julia? I'm presuming Anna from the comment but it looks like Julia!!!
    Beau is a darling!
    Ha, one pot of tea for one? I do that!x

  2. Pretty color, that teal lap robe, and I really like how it looks on the red couch. I just ordered an electric throw for myself and I wish I had it already, it's freezing cold in here.

  3. Kudos to knees won't take bike riding on flat ground and to ride in cold, windy weather...WOW!

  4. Hibernation is only natural in winter. Enjoy! You two (three) look so content. :) I got so frustrated with my brief attempts at crochet. I need a real person to show me how. Videos can be confusing. You're doing a beautiful job!


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