Friday, January 23, 2015

Biking on River's Edge

The weather has been so lovely, and warm winter days are so rare, that Adam and I went on a romantic bike ride -- in other words, just for fun, just to be together, to somewhere we could sit and chat.
So ... here.
We don't go to Lou Mac Park as often as we used to. Why is that? We have habits for a year or two, and then we change them. The water was placid up-river.
... and down-river.
A pretty sailboat crept sleepily across the water.
I like the dark edge of sail.
It's duck season. The ducks, en masse, stay close to the shore at Lou Mac. Somebody put in a duck blind in the middle of the river, closer to the bridge. But the ducks, valuing their lives, stay near town. It's illegal to discharge firearms so close to houses and parks. The ducks have learned this.
And the river-keeper (the fellow in the photo below) comes to Lou Mac and broadcasts duck food over the water from the pier and the shore, to encourage the ducks to stay there.
On a different note, I'm making progress on the new stripey blanket. I'm about 1/3 of the way through, I think.
This is the first bobble-stitch row. I like the contrast of the beige background and the rust-colored balls.
And the second star-pattern row is in lavender.
Next post, I'll catch you up on the moving of the house in town. It's quite exciting!


  1. The blanket is glorious!!! As are the views of your bike ride. I miss romantic bike rides with my hubby. Too cold!x

  2. The scenery you show on your numerous walk and rides is just stunning. Love the colour of the sky in these photos. Such a soft rosy pink/mauve. I also love that blanket you are making.

  3. Your blanket looks great! Aw! The river is so gorgeous!

  4. Gorgeous blanket! Enjoy that good weather with your honey! I was wondering; do you have any recipes for a natural body lotion? I suppose I could google it, but then I wouldn't get to talk to you! :)

  5. The stripey blanket is fun! I hope you two sat in those chairs for a spell?


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