Friday, February 8, 2019

Much of the Same ...

 I worked on the piece above, trying to fade out some of the black outlining, giving it a hazy look. I think it's much better.

 The one below is the worst one, I fear.
 I watched more of the videos and worked on these two today. Here's a beginning:
 Here's the finish:
 And one more. These are alien flowers.
Hot cocoa and buttered toast today:

A fun find at the store, thinking of Little Baby who is coming!

More crocheting, using all the leftover bits of fluffy yarn.
 This one will be for the prayer shawl ministry.

We've had temps in the mid 70s, open windows and warm soil.

Spring is certainly on its way!


  1. Oh enjoy the warm breeze! I am frozen.
    I love your watercolors!

  2. Curtains gently blowing in a breeze is a sure sign of Spring. Here the wind is howling around the house and sounds dreadful. DH has made sure the generator will start if and when it's needed.
    Laundry drying on the line is another sign of Spring. I hope I won't be so lazy this year and use my clothesline more.

  3. I like your watercolor flowers! It is so much fun to explore with them and figure out what they do. I find that different colors sometimes act differently from others. I sometimes use a non-permanent pen to make lines and when it's a bit wet, it gives a hazy look. I sometimes draw with them and then add a little water to get a shading look. So fun to play.

  4. I sure am looking forward to hanging the clothes outside again.
    It was only 10 degrees here today though, so have a ways to go for that yet.
    Your watercolors are pretty.

  5. Haven't we been lucky getting that bit of warm weather. I loved your open window and door, and clothes on the line. We did the same. Today has been much cooler. Your water color paintings are so pretty. There are jonquils blooming in the yard!

  6. I love your watercolors -- I would love to learn to do this

  7. I can smell that fresh air from here!

  8. The cards are really lovely! I do so like them and I was glad to see a close up of them!


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