Wednesday, March 26, 2008

And while we were gone ...

... my hubby cleared (and, boy, do I mean CLEARED) the back portion of our back yard. He rented a 400 lb tiller, and churned the earth. He had previously stripped the ivy out of this part. Doesn't it look loverly? He wants raspberries (we need advice from you, Max) and corn (again, Max), and other veggies. Note the forsythia and rose bushes on the far side.

And, as if that weren't enough, he and Philip moved the Ugly Shed (every gardener needs one :)) to a less conspicuous spot. The skeleton is assembled, and the siding must go back on.

And, when they moved the shed, this is the beautiful floor they found. Wow.

As an aside, here are the bulbs I dug up from around the yard the other day. There were dozens. And many more dozens to go.

Thanks to the IRS, we went and bought some outdoor eating paraphernalia. This is quite an improvement from what we ate on last summer. I plan to spend many evenings here.

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